“Goodbye Supermarket Rap”: Our founders in talk with Business Punk

Till Hesterbrink


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The Ambition x Business Punk

Our founders Tobias Kargoll and Phillip Böndel gave an interview to Business Punk magazine some time ago. This is now also available online.

The two talked with editor Nicole Plich about our goal of explaining the culture to companies and bringing them together. Respectfully, real and to the benefit of both sides.

Our professors are Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Banksy and Virgil Abloh

Much has already been done wrong in collaborations between artists and companies. The Ambition wants to change that, and told Business Punk the vision for the future. Gone are the days of awkward advertising raps and towards a future of reputable collaborations.

It’s not about wrapping brands and products in culture but bringing the right people together. Enduring credibility instead of fleeting hype.

“Instagram is not our channel, LinkedIn is. We don’t go on tour either, but pitch at Mercedes-Benz, for example. But the hiphop attitude we bring to the business is the same. People follow people.”

Behind it all is a potential million-dollar business. After all, 42% of Generation Z, which is particularly keen on shopping, identify with hiphop. What was once a niche culture has become arguably one of the most important cultures in the world.

A unique offer

The Ambition’s services cannot be compared to anything else on the market. Cultural expertise on offer is an absolute novelty.

“There is no one in Germany who understands and can link companies, brands and hip-hop culture in equal measure. The fact that we can call Kool Savas just as easily as we can call the head of marketing at KFC or the CEO of the Basketball Bundesliga is something we’ve worked on for over 15 years.”

It is never just a matter of optimizing processes, but working on the company’s mindset. To achieve this, the two see themselves as a cross between an Excel spreadsheet and a confetti cannon. You need both to have a proper party.

You can read the whole article here!