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This is fiddy… Week 50! Learn to pop with Adidas, check out some rap-inspired art by Daniel Hubbarde, play with Eminem in Fortnite’s newest season, wear the biggest sneakers in the game and check out the possibilities of the Las Vegas Sphere with ASAP Rocky.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #PopTradingCompany / #Adidas, #hubbzart, #Fortnite / #Eminem, #Balenciaga and #SphereVegas / #ASAPRocky

Pop Trading Company x Adidas

PopTradingCompany and Adidas have collaborated again, this time creating a whimsical campaign for the fictitious “Pop Training Company,” which focuses on teaching skateboarders how to increase their ‘pop’—a term for the height achieved when the skateboard’s tail is struck upwards. The campaign humorously follows a skater’s journey to improve his pop under the guidance of Peter Kolks, who emphasizes positive affirmation and ownership while showcasing Pop Trading Company x adidas apparel.

Daniel Hubbarde (@hubbzart)

Daniel Hubbarde, known as @hubbzart from Canada, uniquely blends traditional and digital media to create captivating art inspired by rappers and their albums. His work is a vivid fusion of the old and the new, where brushstrokes and pixels come together to capture the essence of hip-hop culture. Through his art, Hubbarde not only pays homage to iconic rap figures and their influential albums but also showcases his versatility in merging various artistic techniques, creating pieces that resonate with both modern and classic art enthusiasts. His creations stand as a vibrant testament to the power of music and art transcending boundaries.

Eminem in Fortnite and a BIG BANG!

Fortnite’s latest virtual concert, dubbed “The Big Bang Event,” featured Eminem and teased future experiences for the game, lasting about 10 minutes with various themed spaces. Players were taken from the Fortnite OG island, through events like a rocket launch and a meteor crash, to portals leading to a Lego-themed island and a futuristic race, culminating in an interactive Eminem performance reminiscent of Guitar Hero. Watch the full thing here.

What are thooooose?! Balenciaga’s F/W24 10XL Sneakers

During their LA-based, LA-focused and LA-inspired show Balenciaga introduced us to the 10XL Sneaker from their Fall 2024 collection. It represents a bold and weird step in contemporary footwear design. This sneaker stands out with its exaggerated proportions and futuristic aesthetic, embodying the brand’s reputation for pushing fashion boundaries.

Sphere Vegas x ASAP Rocky

A little add-on to last time’s ASAP Rocky collaboration with PUMA and the F1, which premiered in Las Vegas. They also used the newly installed Sphere in Vegas to blast some super nice visuals across the city. One of the best uses so far!