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Week 46, midst of November, leaves are falling, it’s cozy season. Time to wind down. Feel intrigued by the arts of Paul Pfeiffer now being displayed in LA, see the future of vegan shoes with Sean Wotherspoon and Adidas Originals, listen to new music by Frank Ocean – for real!, celebrate the North Face Nuptse with JDSports and find inspiration in the amazing carpets by Faig Ahmed.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #PaulPfeiffer / #MOCA, #SeanWotherspoon / #AdidasOriginals, #FrankOcean / #Blonded, #JDSports / #TheNorthFace and #WhatsCulture / #FaigAhmed

Paul Pfeiffer: Prologue to the Story of the Birth of Freedom at the MOCA Los Angeles

Paul Pfeiffer, renowned as an early video art pioneer and a key figure in the digital age, is set to have his first U.S. retrospective at MOCA Geffen in Los Angeles. Through his work, Pfeiffer explores the intricate relationship between worship, obsession, and desire in mass culture, using edited footage of celebrities and athletes.

Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas Originals Vegan Gazelle “Hemp”

Sean Wotherspoon’s highly anticipated adidas Gazelle collaboration is set to launch, featuring a design tailored for vegans. The shoe boasts a hemp green upper with embroidered details, complemented by contrasting colors and made with eco-friendly materials like mushroom leather and woven hemp.

Frank Ocean finally teases new snippets

Frank Ocean aka @blonded took to IG story to tease some new music. Frank has been active lately on IG, specifically since his birthday last month. Earlier the artist shared a few photos of himself along with a minute-long clip of a new song.⁠ It’s been 6 years since his last full album released…

JDSports: London’s Big Ben wears Nuptse

It may be CGI and not the real thing, but retailer JDSports made the Big Ben wear a cozy North Face Nuptse and looks fresh af. Would love to see this made in real life. And the jacket model still going strong after all these years. Do you have yours?!

WhatsCulture: The carpets of Faig Ahmed

Our dear colleagues from WhatsCulture featured an impressive and unsual artist: Faig Ahmed, an Azerbaijani artist, transforms traditional carpets into surreal sculptures, blending digital technology with ancient crafting methods. He reinterprets the art of carpet-making, using patterns from prayer rugs of Azerbaijani cultural centers like Baku, Ganja, and Tabriz, as metaphors for the teachings of spiritual masters from these cities.