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We’re back at it with Calendar Week 43 – for all the dogs. Get familiar with a fantasy NBA team and Advisory Board Crystals, nostalgia is real with the Vans x Rowley x Dime skate shoes, Oakley triumphs when it comes to sports glasses, Teddy Santis and his Aime Leon Dore F/W 23 is the cozy fit you need for the colder days and our WTF of the week is some magic cloak.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #NBA / #AdvisoryBoardCrystals, #Vans / #GeoffRowley / #Dime, #Oakley, #TeddySantis / #AimeLeonDore and #HiddenNY

Advisory Board Crystals x NBA: “The Fantasies”

Advisory Board Crystals is all-set for the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season with the release of a collaborative collection with the organization. Conceived with the idea of adding a 31st fictional team known as “The Fantasies,” the capsule redefines basketball with a focus on connections and shared aspirations.

Vans x Goeff Rowley x Dime XLT

These memories… sourced from the archives, Vans and Dime are set to release a collaborative example of the Geoff Rowley XLT. The release comes as part of a broader “Reanimation Series” in which Vans will bring a variety of classic styles back to life.

Oakley dominates the ‘Schnelle Brille’ game

It’s become more than a trend to wear sports glasses out in the streets. What we in Germany call ‘Schnelle Brille’ and there’s one brand that does it best: Oakley. And now they once again just cracked the code for looking sick with its new Encoder range. The elevated eyewear (and apparel) brand has declared it’s entering a new dimension with its three latest drops.

Aimé Leon Dore F/W 23 – 2nd Installment

Damn these fits look nice and cozy. Get your inspiration for the upcoming Fall/Winter season or empty your wallets directly at ALD. Teddy Santis’ brand Aimé Leon Dore is back at it with the looks of the season. Love it!

WTF of the week: Invisibility Cloak?!

Instagram zooder HiddenNY posted this video without any information. And it blew our minds. It looks like straight out of a Harry Potter or Sci-Fi movie. Even if it is fake, it’s damn well made.. what do you think?!