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They say late summer is best summer. Week 37 is here! H&M just announced Heron Preston as artistic director, Palace are becoming the kings of collabs with just another one around the corner, CPFM will take over ComplexCon as artistic lead, Braindead dips into gaming culture with HiGround and Dunkin’ makes the smartes move of the season with an Ice Spice collab coming this week.

Let’s get it!

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Heron Preston is taking over H&M

H&M has unveiled a new collaboration platform, H2, in partnership with none other than Heron Preston. This platform will encompass key elements such as design advisory, exclusive collections, support for emerging talent, and circular innovation. Stay tuned for more details on H2, especially on the latter in the upcoming months. We are stoked to see what’s coming – Preston intrigued us with the question ‘What if kids lined up to recycle their clothes?’

Palace Skateboards: the kings of collabs

UK’s Palace Skateboards seems to become the new king of collabs. Following McDonald’s and Salomon in a short period of time, they now tap into workwear with Carhartt WIP as their companion. These two are joining forces for the first time, presenting a workwear-inspired apparel collection. This anticipated line merges Palace’s unique streetwear flair with Carhartt WIP’s renowned durability. Highlights include the Michigan coat, with a prominent stitch logo on the back, available in shades like “Hamilton Brown,” “Dollar Green Camo,” and “Wax/Black Pinstripe.” We can’t wait to wear this into the office haha.

ComplexCon 2023 Artistic Director: CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET

As we approach the 2023 ComplexCon, CACTUS PLANT FLEA MARKET, known for their notable collaborations since their 2015 inception, is set to take the reins as the Artistic Director for the Long Beach festival. Besides shaping the festival’s identity and enhancing the attendee experience, CACTUS will launch exclusive merchandise, curate performers, and handpick emerging brands for showcase during the two-day event. Mark your calendars for November 18-19.

Braindead taps into gaming with Higround

Los Angeles streetwear brand, Brain Dead, known for its diverse accessory range, is collaborating with keyboard experts Higround, renowned for their projects with Jujutsu Kaisen and SEGA. Their maiden partnership results in a dungeon crawler-inspired keyboard and mousepad, capturing nostalgic gaming imagery. These items feature icons like weapons, Brain Dead’s logo, and a backdrop of a cobblestone pattern adorned with a hooded skeleton and various creatures. Just released yesterday!

Dunkin’ makes smart moves with Ice Spice

Ice Spice and Dunkin’ are hinting at a new collaboration, generating buzz with an Instagram post showcasing a Munchkin donut hole adorned with a “Princess” chain, hinting at a September 13 release (TODAY!). The teased item, apparently named the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink according to insider @markie_devo, is a blend of Pumpkin Munchkins, coffee, and caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream and additional caramel. The innovative inclusion of donut holes in the drink has fans and us intrigued and eagerly awaiting pumpkin spice season.