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Week 30 – Meet us in Utopia. This week will (maybe) be remembered as Utopia week and Travis Scott performing at the Pyramids. But anyways, we had some other stuff inspiring us in the office: A$AP Rocky debuted his commercial for Beats By Dre, Ryan Sheckler returns with a Documentary by Red Bull, Victoriano re-created an iconic MJ move in an iconic way, MSCHF returns with the big YELLOW boots, Osh collected some cozy studio spaces and Tyshawn Jones made the Ollie of the year really.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #BeatsByDre / #A$APRocky, #RedBull / #RyanSheckler, #VictorianoArt, #MSCHF / #Crocs, #Osh and #Tyshawn Jones

A$AP Rocky for Beats By Dre directed by A$AP Rocky

The man Pretty Flacko aka A$AP Rocky starrs in his self-directed ad for Beats By Dre featuring his latest song ‘RIOT’. Check out his work here.

Ryan Sheckler: Rolling Away

You all might remember wonderkid Ryan Sheckler, right? He returns with a documentary for Red Bull called ‘Rolling Away’ – releasing this Friday, July 28th.

Victoriano: “Jumpman”

The artist Victoriano created a handpainted animated mural showing Michael Jordan’s most epic move. It comprises 29 spraypainted frames painted over a few days in his studio. Check it out here.

MSCHF x Crocs: The Big Yellow Boots

MSCHF’s infamous Big Red Boots return. And now they are yellow, have holes and strap! Together with Crocs and starring celebrities like Paris Hilton in its campaign, the weird shoes release on August 9th.

Osh: Cozy Studio Spaces

As we are outside to enjoy the sun and the summer, it’s sometimes good to indulge into moody pictures of cozy office or studio spaces. Like this collection from UndercoverOsh.

Tyshawn Jones: Million Dollar Ollie

This is just Supreme pro-skater Tyshawn Jones doing a super clean Ollie over a million dollar Ferrari. And it blew us away!