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Week 29 is gonna be crazy! BurnaBoy rocking the craziest fit, Matt Tomasello with the craziest skateboard edits, Bandalu with the craziest customs and Riot Hill with the craziest t-shirt mask.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #BurnaBoy / #ShotByNee, #MattTomasello, #Bandalu and #RiotHill

BurnaBoy in crazy Bottega fit

At his Amsterdam concert, Burna Boy made a bold fashion statement by donning a remarkable Bottega Veneta ensemble that left fans in awe. The Nigerian superstar, known for his distinctive style, embraced an avant-garde look with a crazy twist. See for yourself.

Matt Tomasello’ crazy world of skating

Matt Tomasello created these crazy skateboard edits. But not only videos or tricks – the skater and computer technician edited the skateboard itself to pull off crazy never seen before flips.

Bandulu’s crazy sneaker customs

We have seen paint splatter sneaker customs, but not how Bandulu is doing it. Handmade and handstitched in the US he lately customized the legendary Stüssy AF1 with embroidered paint splatters on the shoes and the laces. Crazy good!

Riot Hill’s crazy T-Shirt Balaclava

Wearing tees as face mask is nothing new, but we’ve seen only few times that it was so perfectly pulled off like Riot Hill did with their BOAZ SHIRT. A perfectly placed graphic and a few push buttons and there you go.