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It’s Week 25, fashion weeks are going strong and the sun is burning stronger. Witness Pharrell debut his first collection for Louis Vuitton and nailing the Abloh legacy, watch how legendary music video director Cole Bennett created his first shortfilm, learn about circular design with Space Available and play Fortnite for the latest Nike Air Max drop.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #Pharrell / #LouisVuitton, #ColeBennett / #LyricalLemonade, #SpaceAvailable and #Fortnite / #Nike

Pharrell’s amazing debut for Louis Vuitton ✨

Louis Vuitton’s debut by Pharrell Williams did not disappoint:
Endless budgets, the most spectacular A-list guest attendance ever seen, iconic location, stellar cast, engaging live entertainment and a post show performance by Pharrell himself with JayZ. It all looked smooth and spontaneous but it was a gigantic production, rarely seen in fashion history, and initiated an enormous amount of content breaking the internet as I am writing this. Check out the full show here – and the photos are all over Instagram.

Cole Bennett (Lyrical Lemonade) release first shortfilm ‘whyrush?’ 🍋

Another debut last week: Lyrical Lemonade’s very own Cole Bennett premiered his first-ever shortfilm called ‘whyrush?’. The film reminds us all to slow down and embrace the journey. Starring in the short are Teezo Touchdown, Alexis Carey, David Alarcon, Hayden Lam, Omar Zaki, and Kentuckyboytyler. Or as Rick Rubin puts it in the Outro speech: “Remember this life isn’t a race, it’s an opportunity. Our chance to be here now. Each moment is a blessing. Why Rush?” – watch the film here on YouTube.

Space Available presents ‘School of Circular Design’ in Paris (June 22-26) ♻️

The Space Available Studio creates another event in their research and recycling series called ‘Radical Recycling’ at Paris fashion week. Together with Western Hydrodynamic Research they join forces to radically recycle locally sourced ‘waste’ plastic into useful objects at Stryk Studio in Paris. When you’re there join them for a hands-on learning experience that aims to showcase that there’s “no such thing as waste.” Customize SA x WHR products with accessories crafted from discarded materials 🚮 More info on their website.

Fortnite x Nike Air Max 🫧

Following Nike’s teaser of a new collaboration with Fortnite, the duo has officially launched its “Airphoria” project. This first-of-its-kind work taps into both the physical and digital world, offering experiences and collectibles in each. First, a new Airphoria Island has been added to Fortnite, capturing the essence of Air Max within an explorable city. This space features five “Air Max Grails” that can be collected to earn an in-game reward: the Air Max 1 ‘86 Back Bling. In addition to this, the game has two new outfits for sale — Airie and Maxxed Out Max.