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The sun shines, May ends, let’s go summer! Let’s go week 22. Get an inside view into one of the most coveted studios right now with Daniel Arsham, time travel back to the beginnings of Skateboarding, make your jaw drop when reading about a special jersey, check out how Prada makes moves into football and finally feel amazed by a very special mirrored astronaut sculpture.

Let’s get it!

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Daniel Arsham – 9am at the ARSHAM STUDIO

Daniel Arsham, the New York-based artist hailing from Cleveland, likes his toys. So much so that his studio in Queens is filled with them. From bumper-to-bumper customized Porsches, life-size Pokémon, Dior everything, and a miniature size version of the Venus Italica. This is the world of Arsham, an amalgam of pop culture, fine art, and toys for big boys. He takes us into his studio at 9am on a Monday morning. And Interview Magazine went a little deeper into the idea behind it.

Skateboarding in the 1960s in NYC

Looking at these rare black and white photos of people skateboarding through New York City in the 1960s has something incredibly magical about it. The Inspiration collected a few gorgeous shots. Skateboarding in 1960s NYC emerged as a subculture driven by rebellious energy and a thirst for urban exploration. That is what we love about it until today!

Michael Jordan’s 1992 Dream Team Jersey for 3 million USD

Recently, a game-worn jersey by Michael Jordan during Team USA’s remarkable Olympics run in 1992 has fetched an astounding $3.03 million at an auction conducted by Goldin Co. Renowned as the ‘Dream Team,’ the roster for that year consisted of basketball luminaries like Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson, further elevating the significance of the uniform. This record-breaking sale now establishes the jersey as the most valuable Olympic apparel ever sold, highlighting its immense historical and cultural worth.

adidas Football for Prada

So, adidas Football just launched a collaboration with Italian fashion house Prada. And boy, these shoes look slick and beautiful. But we’re still guessing who, besides pro players, will purchase one of the 500€ heavy boots for the upcoming season?! As Adidas states on their website: “Three iconic adidas football shoe designs have been reimagined for both men and women in an exclusive collection by Prada Linea Rossa. These designs feature luxurious materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and signature design elements that blend the sophisticated codes of Prada with the high-performance football technologies of adidas.”

Out of this world: this mirrored astronaut sculpture by Julian Voss-Andreae

Artist Julian Voss-Andreae undertook a remarkable commission to create an astronaut sculpture for one of his clients. With his exceptional artistic vision and skill, the artist crafted a captivating sculpture that captures the essence of the astronaut’s awe-inspiring presence and with specially crafted mirrors it seems like a transparent suit.