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Week 20 means still over 60% of the year to go – don’t stop! Maybe you have a long weekend in Germany, maybe you’re still recovering from OMR, this is some inspiration for you: Travis Scott showing love for his hometown and the Houston Astros, an article on how Hip Hop has taken over Anime, Metro Boomin creating the soundtrack for the upcoming Spider-Verse movie and this new Hyundai Ad, New Balance teaming up with Palace Skateboards to show us the invention of ‘Fire’ and some epic samples used for the beats of your favorite rap songs.

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Travis Scott showing love for the Houston Astros – in custom Cactus Jack AirMax One Cleats

Travis Scott paid a visit to the Houston Astros. Known for his distinctive style, Scott sported an eye-catching ensemble consisting of exclusive and custom Nike wear that caught the attention of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike – including the standout Cactus Jack AirMax One Cleats. Hip Hop meets Baseball meets Streetwear history.

Hip Hop Has Taken Over Anime – For the Better

This article by CBR discusses the increasing prominence of hip hop in anime, both as a music choice and as a narrative tool. It highlights that hip hop has gradually replaced J-pop as the preferred genre in critically acclaimed anime series. Hip hop has found its place in various genres, from neo-noir to comedy, and is being used to evoke comedy, emotionality, realism, and storytelling. While J-pop still dominates music-focused anime, hip hop has become a means to bridge the gap between anime and audiences who may resonate more with street music and raw aesthetics rather than the polished world of traditional anime.

Metro Boomin taking over the sound of the Spider-Verse

We are only 2 weeks away from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and the anticipation for the feature is running high! The sequel to Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse looks really promising with a plethora of Spider-People, a promise of multiversal travel and all-over anticipation to see Miles’ story reaching new heights. One of these new Spider-People is none other than Metro Boomin himself – landing a cameo in the movie and producing the whole soundtrack. In a newly released ad for Hyundai he teases the first track with his friend Don Toliver.

New Balance x Palace Skateboards: The Discovery of the ‘Fire’

Due to its history, New Balance’s forthcoming collaboration with London-based streetwear label Palace makes perfect sense. The British imprint founded by Gareth Skewis and Lev Tanju has redefined UK streetwear culture since 2009. Grounded in authenticity, Palace has always lived and breathed skateboarding, which contrasts New Balance’s on-field athletic roots. They came together in a hilarious ad that shows us how mankind discovered the ‘Fire’.

ModernNotoriety: Epic Samples

It’s always nice to deep dive into the making of certain beats and melodies of rap songs that are stuck in your head forever. Seeing how producers and beatmakers stroll through the history of music, picking certain sounds and chopping them together to create new, progressive beats is fascinating. The online magazine ModernNotoriety collected some epic samples we can’t get enough of!