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Week 19 is gonna be as fast as the year! While you’re probably at OMR get some fast gear by AwakeNY x Tommy Hilfiger x Mercedes-AMG F1, keep the F1 vibe by listening to IDK’s latest conceptual album, be shook by Shaq and his new crazy single, enjoy huge stars from Cambodia no one knows here yet, vibe to German sensations Reezy and Luciano and try to get your next fitpic as fire as Pangea’s wild AI-enhanced shots.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #AwakeNY / #TommyHilfiger / #MercedesAMGF1, #IDK, #Shaq / #ShaquilleONeal, #VANNDA / #OGBobby, #Reezy / #Luciano and #Pangea / #JohannesHöhn

AwakeNY x Tommy Hilfiger x Mercedes-AMG F1

Tommy Hilfiger, the official clothing sponsor for the Mercedes-AMG Formula One Team, has unveiled a collaboration with Awake NY ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. The Tommy x Mercedes-AMG F1 x Awake NY collection, available from May 4, blends Angelo Baque’s streetwear style with Hilfiger’s academic aesthetic to create a range of race-inspired clothing. Baque, a fan of racing and Lewis Hamilton, felt that this collaboration was a full circle moment.

IDK – F65

Your next favorite rapper IDK went wild with a LANVIN Mercedes on his way to Coachella to promote his new album “F65″. The album is out now and as he describes it “A bold, jazzy, conceptual album on life, race – and Formula 1.” Give it spin!


Shaquille O’Neal, former NBA star and accomplished rapper, has released a new song called “Hit The Floor”. And he went crazy on this. The song features a sample from the iconic metal song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, giving it a heavy, intense beat. With aggressive lyrics and O’Neal’s signature flow, it’s a fun and powerful track that showcases the basketball legend’s skills on the mic.

Rap from Cambodia: VANNDA

Chances are high you have never ever heard of this guy named VANNDA from Cambodia. But numbers don’t lie and he has an astonishing 4 million subscribers on YouTube and regularly hits the 10+ million views mark on his songs. It’s always great to discover assumably unknown rappers that are already stars. Make sure to check out his song “Young Man” featuring fellow OG Bobby.

Reezy ft. Luciano – EXPENSIVE SHIT

“EXPENSIVE SHIT” is a new single by German rapstars reezy and Luciano. The track is a vibrant mix of trap and Afrobeat influences, with catchy hooks and hard-hitting verses delivered by both artists. The song’s title refers to a slang term for high-quality marijuana, but the lyrics also touch on themes of success, ambition, and the pursuit of wealth. The style of the music video and seeing these two come together makes a great atmo.

Crazy AI-Enhanced Shots by Pangea (Johannes Höhn)

Johannes Höhn, better known on Instagram as @pangea, regularly blows our minds with new techniques and experiments to take photography and videography on the platform to a whole ‘nother level. This time, he used AI to enhance his fitpic-video and damn, this looks crazy good! And on that beat of Bones’ HDMI it just blew our collective minds.