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It’s gonna be May… Week 18 is here! Listen to Hip Hop while drinking wine or listen to the podcast “Wine and Hip Hop”, get drippy with Evian x Balmain, discuss the remake of ‘White Men Can’t Jump’, follow our artist recommendation on Insta, read insights from Jerry Lorenzo over at 032c and finally listen to the Balenciaga sound on Spotify.

Let’s get it!

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The ‘Wine and Hip Hop’ Podcast

Jermaine Stone, host of the “Wine and Hip Hop” podcast, is working to diversify the wine industry and eliminate pretension. Using hip-hop as a vehicle, Stone is bringing wine to cultures and communities long ignored by the industry, and is working with wine brands to broaden their consumer base. Check out the full profile over at NYTimes or delve into the podcast here.

Evian x Balmain: “Together, Change is Beautiful”

Balmain and Evian have collaborated on a limited-edition capsule collection, featuring accessories and ready-to-wear in soft pastels. The collection utilizes innovative materials and techniques to promote sustainability in fashion, highlighting the shared belief of “Together, Change is Beautiful”.

Remake of ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ starring Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow has been very busy lately, suprisingly releasing another album ‘Jackman.’ and being all over the place. He also stars in the 2023 remake ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. Check out the trailer of the movie coming to Hulu later this year. The original is legendary and needs no remake. But still, the trailer looks fun. What do you think?

Artist to watch: Steffen Bewer

Steffen Bewer caught our attention with this sick looking animation of him (?!) wearing a cap and taking glitch art to the next level. He is one of the co-founders of Berlin-based digital powerhouse New Format. Definitely a recommend to follow!

032c: Brenda’s Business with Jerry Lorenzo

Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God brand dominated Los Angeles with giant posters leading up to his first runway show at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring a star-studded team in fashion and a live performance. The show’s location, casting, sound, crowd, production, and creative direction spoke for themselves, with no need for show notes afterward. We reported last week. But this week we recommend to read the interview diving into everything leading up to this moment. Brenda Weischer meet Jerry Lorenzo to talk over at our friends from 032c.

Balenciaga Music

At Balenciaga, music serves as inspiration, a chance for collaboration, and a way of creative expression. Balenciaga Music has now launched its own Spotify channel: sptfy.com/balenciaga_official , featuring exclusive playlists curated by Demna-selected artists and official runway show soundtracks by BFRND.