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Week 13 – ready for kick-off. PAUSE Magazine met 6lack for his latest release ‘Since I Have A Lover’, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston teamed up with Adidas to bring a playable basketball court inside a museum, Hypebeast’s Hypeart is opening their first standalone exhibition in NYC, we stumbled upon a new mini-doc series SPOTLIGHT about creatives and their lives and finally we felt old finding out that ‘Oldie’ by Odd Future released 11 years ago.

Let’s get it!

Photos & videos courtesy of #PAUSE / #6lack, #CAMH / #Adidas, #Hypebeast / #HypeArt, #SamSnowden / #CreateMoreStudios / #CruelPalace and #OddFuture

PAUSE Magazine: 6lack is back!

The cover article of the latest PAUSE magazine discusses the anticipated return of 6LACK with the release of his third studio album, ‘Since I Have A Lover’. The album explores the theme of love, and 6LACK reflects on his own romantic capabilities. He speaks about his renewed mindset and the importance of taking care of oneself.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston x Adidas: CAMH COURT

The Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston and adidas Basketball have collaborated to create CAMH COURT, the first-ever playable basketball court in an art museum. The court features the designs of artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, with his signature Bringback characters and vibrant illustrations covering the floors, walls, and entrance of the Brown Foundation Gallery. The exhibition will be supported by a range of programs and events, including the CAMH Ball on April 29. The court is an immersive and engaging experience, offering visitors a space of fantasy and play.


Hypebeast’s HypeArt created their first standalone exhibition called ‘NOISY REALITY’. It showcases the work of four talented and diverse artists who use painting, sculpture, mixed media, and furniture design to interpret New York City’s evolving landscape. Meguru Yamaguchi, Heather Benjamin, Eny Lee Parker, and B. Thom Stevenson offer their unique perspective on the city’s energy and essence, while presenting their own artistic concepts and themes for a dynamic curation.

SPOTLIGHT by Create More: Cruel Palace

Spotlight is an original doc-series, presented by Create More Studios and directed by Sam Snowden, which aims to showcase and humanize creatives across the globe. Meet the boys of Cruel Palace, a Tokyo based collective of DJ’s, Models, and Music Artists. Liam Allan, interviewer and host, takes us through the streets of Shibuya conversing with each of the members diving deeper into their roots for creative expression.

11 years ago Odd Future dropped ‘Oldie’

Wanna fell old? The music video for “Oldie” by Odd Future was released 11 years ago and quickly gained attention for its energetic and playful nature. The video features all 10 members of the rap collective, each taking turns to deliver witty and irreverent verses. Shot in a casual setting, the video captures the group’s close-knit dynamic and camaraderie, cementing their status as a cultural force in the early 2010s hip hop scene. And look at them now! 3 weeks till Frank Ocean headlines Coachella 👀