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Phew, it’s week 11 – here we go. We were hyped by the new collab coming from Ufo361 and his label Stay High with Snipes, amazed by the rapping producer combo Hit-Boy and The Alchemist, inspired by Kapital’s Smiley Face, energized by Big Boi’s performance at the Porsche activation for SXSW in Austin, touched and moved by the Oscar’s big winners and charged by the performances at Rolling Loud Cali.

Let’s get it!

Photos & videos courtesy of #Snipes / #StayHigh, #HitBoy / #TheAlchemist, #Kapital, #BigBoi / #Porsche / #TheFader, #TheAcademy and #RollingLoud

‘Never down when you stay high’: STAY HIGH x SNIPES

A few days ago, the sneaker and streetwear retailer SNIPES launched an exclusive apparel collection in collaboration with the rapper Ufo361 and his label/brand STAY HIGH. The collection includes hoodies, tracksuits, shirts, and accessories inspired by French youth culture and the urban suburban culture in the banlieues. The brands use the slogan “Never down when you stay high” to promote the collection. The reference to the suburbs of France represents pride, home, and street credibility. Check the full collection here!

Hit-Boy x The Alchemist – Slipping Into Darkness

Hit-Boy and The Alchemist have collaborated on a new track and music video called “Slipping Into Darkness”, where they take turns rapping over each other’s beats. The song begins with Alchemist delivering a verse over Hit-Boy’s smooth production, showcasing his relaxed lifestyle and success in the hip-hop industry. Although Alchemist’s verse serves as a reminder that he can rap exceptionally well, it’s Hit-Boy’s bars that are likely to attract the most attention. In the middle of the song, there is an abrupt switch to Alchemist’s production, and Hit-Boy uses this opportunity to take aim at other producers, including Metro Boomin, Mustard, and Hitmaka, with the latter being the most noteworthy target.

Kapital’s Iconic Smiley Face

Our friends from ‘What’s Culture?’ did a nice piece on the iconic smiley face of Kapital. Kapital is a Japanese clothing brand known for its unique and eccentric designs.  Having released around 400 distinctive, avant-garde designs each season, including multi-shaded denim, skeleton distressed sweaters, and legendary trucker hats with irrational messages, the brand is known for its signature motif, the “Rain Smile”. It features a four-eyed smiley face inspired by the Kanji character for rain. It was introduced in the Spring 2015 collection to cheer up Japanese residents during the rainy season. Kapital’s innovative approach to design sets it apart from traditional clothing brands.

Big Boi’s wholesome moment @ SXSW in ATX

At this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, rapper Big Boi made a special appearance on stage with his son, affectionately nicknamed ‘Cheesecake’. The performance was part of the Porsche x The Fader brand activation, where he played a concert and interacted with fans and cars alike. Big Boi clearly had a blast on stage with his son, who joined him for the show. The rapper’s appearance was a memorable moment for fans in attendance and showcased his wholesomeness. Check out his Instagram post.

A24’s EEAAO dominated the Oscars

This one is not really about hiphop but it’s about culture! And it gives so much positivity and energy. A24’s blockbuster “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has won a stunning 7 awards at this years Academy Awards. It makes the innovative movie the big winner of the Oscars. It stars Michelle Yeoh (first Asian woman to win an Oscar for leading actress), Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis. And history was made. Check Ke Huys and Michelles speeches.

Rolling Loud California ’23

This year’s Rolling Loud festival in California featured an impressive lineup of artists, with delivering energizing sets for fans – now all on YouTube. One standout moment came from the highly-anticipated festival debut of rising rapper, Ice Spice. The up-and-coming artist captivated the crowd with her energy and charisma, proving why she’s quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the hiphop scene.