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Making a roundup for week 10 – kicking off March ’23. We stumbled upon lots of craftsmanship and artistry on Instagram, found some inspiring cover stories and a collaboration we loved to see. Starting off with OffGod the viral AirPod jewelry maker, Tatler Hong Kong securing a cover story with Pharrell Williams, the mask maker Shin Murayama, a collab for the fam between Daily Paper and Dreamville and ending with a showcase of Cruel Santino.

Let’s get it!

Photos & videos courtesy of #OffGod, #TatlerHK / #PharrellWilliams, #ShinMurayama, #DailyPaper / #Dreamville and #CruelSantino

Level up your AirPods Max with some handmade jewelry by OffGod

This young guy from Hong Kong just went viral with his craft: handmade jewelry that adds up on your AirPods Max – all made to order. The latest pieces feature little human figures that crawl around your headphones made from 9.25 sterling silver and starting at a price point of 390$ going up to 3.900$ for the biggest piece. You can find it on his IG or his website. Another piece that was all over the internet was this collaboration creating some anime characters hanging from your AirPods.

Tatler Magazine Hong Kong: Cover Story with Pharrell Williams

Tatler secured an exclusive cover shoot and interview with Pharrell Williams, global superstar and the new men’s creative director for Louis Vuitton, to talk about Joopiter and his new project before his upcoming visit to Art Basel Hong Kong. Read the full story here on Tatler’s website. Or check out the amazing shots accompanying the story on their Instagram. We really dig this cover of Pharrell holding flowers, wearing his Tiffany’s sunglasses and teasing some Carhartt x Sacai.

The internet’s mask maker: Shin Murayama

We present you Japanese artist Shin Murayama and his unique handcrafted masks, which he has been creating for over a decade. Murayama’s masks are made from a variety of materials of Stüssy or Polo, including leather, wood, and metal, and are inspired by traditional Japanese folklore, as well as contemporary pop culture. Murayama’s masks have gained international attention and are now sought after by collectors and enthusiasts around the world. Check out his works here and here.

Daily Paper x Dreamville: ‘DREAM DAILY’

J.Cole’s Dreamville teamed up with Amsterdam-based streetwear brand Daily Paper (or vice versa) to reveal their first collab collection. It celebrates the power of storytelling, empowers the community and champions you to ‘Dream Daily’. The limited pieces sold out very quickly, but you can still fall in love with their supernice lookbook and shots here.

Enter Subaru World: The Anime-Influenced Universe of Cruel Santino

Our beloved channel Samutaro featured a story of this very unique and interesting artist: Cruel Santino. After talking about Llianwire last week, this feels somehow connected. His debut album ‘Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN’ isn’t just an album for listening. It’s a whole experience. “I’m going to make this Subaru World a universe that when you hear it, when you enter it, you know you’re in Subaru.” – that’s how Cruel Santino himself explained the project. In another magazine he stated “I combined snowboarding, anime and gaming to create a matrix in my mind. I heard the music of this universe I wanted to create.”