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It’s calendar week 9 – last day of February. We were thrilled by last week’s slam dunk contest with Mac McClung dominating the scene, Berlin-based artist collective revealed their Mantisse project at BAM Berlin, Niall Ashley goes from painting to rapping to creating future visions, rugs are all over the place and we found these custom rugs that are handmade in Kyiv and Ellie Ramsden amazed us with her 144 page photo book on women in Grime.

Let’s get it!

Photos & videos courtesy of #MacMcClung / #NBA, #SucukBratwurst / #BAMBerlin, #NiallAshley, #SanyaSanya and #EllieRamsden

Mac McClung dominating the AT&T Slam Dunk ’23

The AT&T Slam Dunk Contest was won by a player who technically isn’t in the NBA: Mac McClung is a Sixers  G-League player. He executed perfect 50s on all but one of his dunks to win the contest over Trey Murphy III of the Pelicans in the final. In his final dunk, McClung delivered a 360-degree plus — meaning, he went 360 plus a few more degrees in an added reversal — that earned him a hug from Dominique Wilkins, a two-time dunk contest winner and one of the judges. Watch all the dunks in super slo-mo here. And check out McClung’s own video on his motivation here.

Sucuk & Bratwurst x Solebox: MANTISSE @ BAM Berlin

Berlin-based creative collective Sucuk & Bratwurst just revealed their latest project that acts at the intersection of arts and streetwear: MANTISSE. The main artwork, a blue mantis striking a pose, is a nod the Henri Matisse and his Nu Bleu – hence the name ‘MANTISSE’. The collection is open to view for another week at BAM Berlin’s space: Ritterstraße 8 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Beyond the sculpture the collective released a run of 50 collectibles and teamed up with Solebox to create an accompanying streetwear collection.

Niall Ashley aka Llainwire: from painting to performing to rapping in the future

Our dear friends from Sabukaru covered the next level artistry from young gun and London-based Niall Ashley. Their practice can be described as rapper, movie maker, graphical genius, and modern-day artistical pioneer. The young creative, although mystique and ambiguous, is already making waves on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube with his out of this world visuals. Here you can read another interview on Llainwire.

Custom rugs straight from Kyiv: Sanya Sanya / RareRug

Custom rugs are all over the place. For years now a rug has become a staple among streetwear enthusiasts and creating a new canvas to project art and known assets on. This guy from Kyiv, Ukraine adds a unique 3D-twist to his handmade rugs and we’re up for it! Check out his work in Instagram or if you wanna buy some go directly to his Etsy page.

‘Too Many Man: Women of Grime’ by Ellie Ramsden

Another story from London: photographer Ellie Ramsden released her new book about women in Grime. “Too Many Man: Women of Grime” is a 144 page photo-book which documents women involved in the U.K grime scene, including MCs, DJs, radio presenters, producers, videographers, journalists and musicians. Grime is a hugely male dominated scene, with women being much less visible than men, often struggling to get the exposure and recognition they deserve. Check out a quick flip-through here – and pruchase the book here.