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It’s week 8 – 2023 is just getting started. Last week was full of the news that none other than Pharrell will succeed Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton, making his debut this summer during Men’s Paris Fashion Week. Beyond that Supreme opened a big new store in West Hollywood, we got lost in Rapzines, Euphoric Supply dropped cloudy clog and we were inspired by Sabukaru’s latest editorial.

Let’s get it!

Photos courtesy of #AtibaJefferson / #Supreme, #Rapzines, #JulianArmstrong / #EuphoricSupply, #LouisVuitton / #Pharrell and #Sabukaru / #FelixWittich

Supreme’s new brick-and-mortar store in West Hollywood

You can say what you want about Supreme, but they keep going. Just before the start of their Spring/Summer drops, the popular and OG streetwear brand revealed and opened its new West Hollywood location. They moved their retail space from Fairfax Avenue up to Sunset Boulevard into a wider open space. And a few familiar faces showed up for the opening. Seeing brick and mortar stores thrive is an unusual sighting these days. Check out their store and some cool photos from Atiba Jefferson on IG.

Dig into Brian Nagata’s archive known as Rapzines

Now this is a huge recommendation and a hidden gem really. This is Rapzines – an archive of rap magazines. Brian Nagata started collecting early and has never stopped. To our delight, he uploads rap magazines of all kinds to his IG spanning the last several decades. This is a rabbit hole where you will find inspiration forever. These covers are amazing and mark time stamps in the history of hiphop. Some are even for sale!

After the big red boots is before the Clouds by Euphoric Supply

We all got to see the spectacle around the big red boots by the collective MSCHF making waves with huge influencers across the web. A nice homage to Astro Boy and the fashion world’s absurdity. But this little find is from independent artist Justin Armstrong who practices under the name Euphoric Supply. Armstrong and his brand are home in the hiphop culture, referencing it in faux toys or other collectibles. This week he revealed his version of croc-like house shoes: the Clouds. As Sky Clouds and Storm Clouds. And we’re here for it!

Louis Vuitton welcomes Pharrell Williams as its new Men’s Creative Director

If you don’t live under a rock you already got the news: Pharrell Williams will be the successor at Louis Vuitton as Men’s Creative Director. These news evoked mixed reactions among fashion and streetwear world, with some saying it’s just another celebrity taking over, others celebrate the influence of the culture and that Pharrell has proven himself with his creativity in multiple disciplines already. This is huge for hiphop and everything we act in. It might be that LV becomes a media house and Pharrell its curator, but he has the potential and the chance to follow Virgil’s footsteps and pave the way for new and upcoming creative talents across the globe.

Sabukaru’s Divination – A Critical Look at the Future of Fashion and Sustainability

A truly spectacular showcase of modern and technically advanced garments from brands like Arc’teryx Veilance, ARYS, On Running and Asics.  “Divination” is an editorial and shortfilm exploring the future of fashion and sustainability. Japanese-based online magazine Sabukaru once again shows that their production power is inspiring as it is aspiring. With Felix Wittich as photographer they brought to life this critical look on a not-so-distant future.