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It’s week 5 already and we some consumable stuff for you. We recommend to watch ‘You People’ on Netflix, check out the work of Alex Piper, be intrigued by a collab between Common Citizen and Mike Tyson, zone out to Lil Yachty’s new album and appreciate how Corteiz gets on the big stage with Nike.

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Photos courtesy of #Netflix, #AlexPiper, #CommonCitizen, #LilYachty and #Nike / #Corteiz

Jonah Hill & Kenya Barris’ “YOU PEOPLE” – out on Netflix

Brand new on Netflix: “You People” Jonah Hill’s new flick in collaboration with Kenya Barris. The film does a lot right thematically and stylistically. At times very funny, and at other times very serious, it plays with the theme of culture, conflicts over racism and appropriation. In addition, one thinks that streetwear has also been given a leading role in the film. Sometimes a bit over the top and sometimes here and there a few Easter Eggs for sneakerheads and fashion connoisseurs.

Photographer Spotlight: Alex Piper

The works of Alex Piper are some standout music photography we stumbled upon. The London based director and photographer has captured artists including A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, SZA, Cardi B, Giveon and Jack Harlow. We’re in love with the shots he took at the Wireless Festival, like the one from Playboi Carti. Keep an eye out for this guy on IG.

Common Citizen x Mike Tyson: Cannabis Edibles

Yeah, you read that right. Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, the popcultural icon, the weirdo that he is released an edible in reference to his infamous ‘ear-incident’. But not just any gum; these are cannabis infused bites. Together with the black-owned cannabis lifestyle brand Common Citizen, he put together this fun collab. The world of cannabinoids is yet to explore as it has far more opportunities than just THC and CBD as we now it.

Lil Yachty’s “Let’s Start Here” – a psychedelic rock album

Lil Yachty just released the addictive viral hit ‘Poland’ end of last year and is already going big this year. The Lil Boat rapper from Atlanta has just dropped his new project called ‘Let’s Start Here’ and he dives into completely new genres. The whole album is more of a psychedelic rock album, where he collaborated with lots of talented musicians like Teezo Touchdown, Mac Demarco,  Daniel Ceaser and Dev Hynes – to name a few. This has one mellow, chill vibe to it that it’s a perfect listen in the office. And Yachty successfully dips into new spheres of music.

Nike appreciating UK Culture: Corteiz Collaboration

London based brand Corteiz is working with Nike on their first major brand collaboration. Since founding the brand in 2018, founder Clint built a streetwear brand with a cult following. Their Instagram is private, creating a members only, community aspect to the brand. Majority of the drops are through product reveals, passwords and cryptic messages that further enhance the If You Know You Know feeling. With every drop, the brand organizes meetups and people come out in real life to take their chance. Purchasing these products almost feel like a treasure hunt.