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In calendar week 4, we jump between news hot of the table and some time travelling. Let us have a look at Kid Cudi’s debut collection at Paris Fashion Week, look back at Redmans absurd crib in MTV Cribs 2001, the new stemprojector by Kano without Ye, Lil Wayne becoming a pro skater for real and finally some style inspiration by Denny Balmaceda.

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Photos courtesy of #KidCudi, #MTVCribs, #Kano, #LilWayne and #DennyBalmaceda

Kid Cudi brings his debut collection to Paris Fashion Week

Kid Cudi is one of those versatile creatives for whom rapping just isn’t enough. He has already proven that with numerous projects. Most recently with his Netflix series Entergalactic and matching soundtrack. Now he goes even further and the former ‘Lonely Stoner’ makes wave in Paris by presenting his debut collection ‘Members of the Rage’ there. Many fans already criticized the brand last year because of the high prices, but the voices for the new collection were increasingly positive. VOGUE spoke to Kid Cudi and even wrote ‘MOTR may not exist to carry on his legacy, but it might be the first new brand since Abloh’s death last year to uphold his values so explicitly.‘ Scott Mescudi still has a lot of plans. We are curious.

Redman’s MTV Cribs from 2001: an OG episode

On YouTube we stumbled across the channel ‘MTV Vault’ and got lost in the Rabbit Hole of old MTV Cribs episodes. Millennials in particular are familiar with the format, which has now probably been replaced by Architectural Digest more modern. Rappers in particular used to show off their mansions, sports cars and home theaters. But not Wu-Tang member Redman. In 2001 he was already fully in the game and still demonstrates his realness here like no other. The episode and his pad in Staten Island are legendary. Especially the guy in the sleeping bag on the floor and his shoebox full of dollars.

Kano’s future without Ye: Stemprojector

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, his DONDA era has not only provided sometimes legendary, sometimes controversial listening parties in stadiums and arenas, but also, most importantly, released a product development – the Stemplayer. The small organic device lets you divide tracks into stems, so users can easily listen to and mix songs the way they want. A new form of album experience, so to speak. Fast forward to 2023, Ye has retired and Kano, the brand behind Stemplayers, introduces a new innovative product: the Stemprojector. As Fast Company writes, ‘this “spaceship” is actually a rule-bending projector’.

Lil Wayne now officially Pro Skater

Remember when rap legend Lil Wayne started skating? That was a few years ago, but he has proven that rap alone is not enough for him and that he is just as ambitious in pursuing other goals. Because at the end of last year, a dream came true for Weezy: he is now an officially signed pro skater with his own pro model. He posted the wholesome video on Instagram.

Style hiphop staples (fitted caps and sports jackets) differently like Denny Balmaceda

Fitted caps and other sports gear like bomber jackets or jerseys of your favorite team in bright colors have always been part of hiphop’s style. On his Insta-Channel, stylist Denny Balmaceda proves again and again his extraordinary menswear taste, but also how to seamlessly incorporate classics like fitted caps of sports teams into the outfit. We’re inspired.