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Welcome to calendar week 3, where we want to share Nike’s new Re-Creation program, celebrate 100 years of Dickies, the new Lady Dior project, an all-new edition of the popular All Gone book and last but not least a new but familiar face designing for Louis Vuitton’s upcoming menswear collection.

A fashion heavy rotation – let’s go!

Photos courtesy of #Nike, #Dickies, #Dior, #AllGone and #LouisVuitton

Nike Re-Creation Program

“The lifecycle of clothing usually starts with an idea and ends with a garment.” Nike’s Re-Creation program aims to create a sustainable cycle for second hand and vintage clothing through the lens of location. With sourcing, upcycling, and distribution all being focused around Los Angeles.

Nike’s Sustainable Apparel Product Director Christine La leads the program and two Co-Creators where invited by the Swoosh to bring this Re-Creation collection to life; Maurizio Donadi, founder of Transnomadica, and Zac Cabrera, founder of Defective Garments. Appreciating their niche work and bringing it to the big stage.

The upcoming workshop and release party will be held at Bodega in LA as the exclusive retailer for the collection.

100 Years of DICKIES

Last summer the globally appreciated and well-known workwear brand from Texas turned 100. Dickies is a perfect example of how a brand accepts transformation, flows through progression and becomes loved by totally diverse groups of consumers. Through the NWA wearing Dickies in the 80s and Tupac rocking the Thug Life dungarees in the 90s, the trousers became a staple in hiphop culture. But to this day, the brand manages to stay relevant with young generations: through collaborating with sub-culture relevant brands and TikTok celebrity pick-ups, the brand is capitalising on a viral moment with Gen Z as well. Highsnobiety and VOGUE covered the anniversary extensively.

All-new ‘Dior Lady Art Project’

The compact square “Lady Dior”, once named after Princess Diana, is one of the most famous handbags in the world. Now artists and designers have given it an update.

This year, for the seventh time, Lady Dior offers a white canvas to be played on to the “Dior Lady Art” project: in a dialogue between art and fashion, artists and designers from all over the world are invited to design the handbag according to their own visions using the techniques and craftsmanship of the House of Dior. This way, iconic heritage and individual creativity are combined to create ten unique, wearable works of art. These modern interpretations this year were created by Ghada Amer, Brian Calvin, Sara Cwynar, Alex Gardner, Shara Hughes, Dorothy Iannone, Minjung Kim, Zhenya Machneva, Bouthayna Al Muftah, Françoise Pétrovitch and Wang Yuyang.

All Gone 2022

This history of the streetwear institution that is the book series ‘All Gone’ goes back over 17 years. Creator Michael Dupouy started to collect ‘The Finest of Street Culture’ of the past year and ever since then turns his insights and findings into a carefully curated and well-designed books. The latest instalment of the series partners with Japanese artist VERDY for two cover versions and documents the best the culture had to offer in 2022. In a limited edition of 2000 pieces per design and 192-pages strong, the books can be pre-ordered now.

KidSuper to co-create next Louis Vuitton Menswear Collection

While the Paris Fashion Week starts this week, last week there was already the first big surprise on the side of Louis Vuitton: for the upcoming menswear collection Colm Dillane aka KidSuper is brought on board as co-creator. And the NYTimes wonders “Has Vuitton found Virgil Abloh’s Successor in KidSuper?”. We certainly can’t answer that yet, but what is impressive is that KidSuper was already rejected at Fashion Week years ago and turned that rejection letter into a dress. The web is discussing and we are excited to see what LV x KidSuper will show!