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Starting a new format every week, where we recap the most important happenings or most inspiring things of the hiphop and street fashion business world. Things we found that are more than worthy to share.

This week, we kick it off with have Nike honoring the codes of Virgil Abloh, a German rapper in China, 1-of-1 jackets where anime meets street culture, AI imagining rappers in the 1800s and our style icon of recent months: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Lots to cover, so let’s get right into it!

Nike: Virgil CODES – “CULTURE”

In a new video installment for Nike, the sports brand pays homage to the beloved fashion designer Virgil Abloh who sadly passed away in 2021. “THE CODES” of Virgil Abloh is a six-part series that defines V’s open source methods while celebrating his legacy and cultural impact at Nike. In this episode, we hear from Virgil’s closest collaborators and friends on how he shifted different dimensions across culture while seamlessly creating new platforms and possibilities for communities of color.

Arte TRACKS: Scor奥熙 – how a rapper from Bremerhaven made it big in China

In this episode of Arte’s TRACKS magazine, we discovered Scor奥熙. He makes Chinese rap “Made in Germany.” Born in Bremerhaven, he is one of the few world connectors between Chinese and Western social media. Out of pure interest, Scor learned Chinese, moved to Shenzhen and is now a small rap sensation in the Middle Kingdom. On his German-language TikTok channel, he reports on his life in Shenzhen.

Handmade in Japan: Mementomori 1-of-1 Clothing

Upcycling clothes and giving them a new sculpturesque purpose. This is what Mementomori does with tactical gear and bomber jackets made from old clothing and referencing popular animes like Gundam or Transformers. These 1-of-1 jacket are all uniquely handmade by the man himself in Japan and are art pieces to wear in the streets.

Montreality: Rappers if it was the 1800s

Montreal’s finest video interview magazine “Montreality” is always looking for new creative possibilities. This time they used AI to generate and imagine rappers if they lived in the 1800s. The style honestly suits Playboi Carti, A$AP Rocky and Quavo more than better. Let’s see where AI-ideas take us next.

Style Inspration: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

This man plays in his own league stylewise: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is someone you should definitely follow if you want to watch unique pieces be combined in creative ways and fits that are so fire, people can’t get enough of his shots. The NBA star from Canada currently plays for OKC Thunder but keeps on hitting on and off the court. Several magazines like GQ or PAUSE magazine awarded him to be among the most stylish of 2022. We’re already stoked for the ’23 outfits!