Our Culture Identity Guide & Culture Playbook

Alina Amin



A look into the project

For 8 months now THE AMBITION is official and we couldn’t  be more proud of what we have already achieved: More and more brands are putting their trust in us, the A-Team is growing and the influence of Hiphop culture is getting bigger every day.

Since it’s hard to see our work from the outside and what we’re getting up to in our “Culture Lab”, we’ve summarized our approach in a clip of about three minutes: From the “Culture Identity Guide” to the “Hiphop Milieus” to the “Culture Playbook”. This is what we’re working on.


Hiphop has become the biggest pop-cultural phenomena of our times. 42 % of Gen-Z identify their style as “street” or “hiphop”, making these the most dominant style tribes among young consumers. So, if you put one and one together it’s clear: Popular culture determines what’s cool and Hiphop determines popular culture.

Therefore, if you plan to become cool there’s one way to do it: Be part of the culture. But! It’s not that eassy. Credibility can’t be bought, it can only be earned. We help brands contribute to culture in an authentic way. We root brands in the culture so that they can grow organically within it. Long-term strategies create sustainable success.

So, to be part of this big thing, brands need to become an authentic part of the culture. Since Hiphop is a huge world of its own, we first determine where in this world we can allocate the brand. The first step to achieve that is to define the appropriate “hiphop milieu” with the help of our 12 brand attributes and thus form our Culture Identity Guide.

The Culture Playbook contains activations with which the strategy can be put into practice: “The most important point in cultural marketing is that it must always be a give and take. If you just want to quickly take away reach effects, you won’t benefit in the long run.”