Adidas and Capital Bra made sneakers. And he got his own arcade machine

Alina Amin


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Big, bigger, Capital

Capital Bra’s and Adidas’ collaboration just got bigger. After naming the rapper one of their testimonials for their most recent football gear, they’re getting together yet again to drop a whole joint sneaker. And if that isn’t already big, the brand showed Capi their appreciation in a very special way.

A special bond

Capital Bra presented their sneaker project in his Instagram story, where he showed the shoe and some of the details. As it seems, Capi’s first ever sneaker collab is an Adidas Forum model in a very classic black and white colorway.

On the sides we can see the rapper’s signature and on the top of the shoe there seems to be a “Bra Musik”-logo.

In his story, the artist announced that the shoe would drop “soon” and that it’s set to be a limited release. To put the cherry on top, Adidas manifested their special bond with Capital Bra by gifting him something big.

Since the star turned 27 on November 23, the brand decided to gift him his very own basketball arcade machine – of course with the built in speakers for his music and the adidas branding.

he just
gets it

Capital Bra has been on top of the music and marketing game for a while now. As we all now, it started with his pizza “Gangstarella” that really made the ball roll. Then came the iced tea and now his sneakers.

With his huge discography and accessible sound, the rapper reaches a big audience – whether it’s kids, OG Gangster Rap fans or your pop listener that happens to like *some* Rap. With Capital, you have something for everybody and brands seem to have come to understand that.