Adidas, Capital Bra, Beyoncé & more – This is what you missed last week

Till Hesterbrink



Here is what you missed

From now on. this is your place to be when it comes to business moves in the hiphop world. Each week, “Hiphop Business: This is what you missed last week” will give you an overview of the most important cooperations, collaborations and moves.

In the past week, adidas. in particular. caused a stir with two major collaborations. While Kappa and Palace are also generating excitement for their new collaboration. Come and find out:

Capital Bra & Adidas

Adidas scored a very big deal when they bagged Capital Bra as a testimonial this year.

Following the most successful German rapper’s presentation of the national team’s new away jersey, he now gets his very first sneaker co-op. Capital seems to be getting his own signature shoe.

In an Instagram Story he presented an Adidas Forum in black and white. It features the rapper’s signature on the side of the shoe and the logo of his label Bra Musik on top.

There is no exact release date yet, but Capi stated, it will drop “soon”. The shoe is to be released in a limited drop.

Beyoncé & Adidas: Halls of Ivy

Capital Bra is not the only artist adidas is currently teaming up with. Beyoncé is about to release her next Ivy Park collection in cooperation with the three stripes. This one will be called “Halls of Ivy”.

“Halls of Ivy” is the fifth collaboration between adidas and the world star. In addition to Beyoncé, Nataliya Bryant and James Harden, among others, star in the campaign for the new collection.

The latest collaboration appears to be well suited for the cold season as well with the coat and its christmassy patterns. Above all, however, friends of sportswear will again definetly get their money’s worth. And of course, there will also be a new sneaker.

The collection will be available starting December 9th and prices start at $45.

Kappa x Palace

Coming in just two days, you will be able to get your hands on the new Kappa x Palace drop.

In a collection that looks like a reminiscence of british 90s culture, there are tracksuits, shirts and sweatshirts. Everything comes with bold logo prints all over.

It features Palace distinct skater look, quite casually combined with soccer fashion and streetwear

The collection will be available online and in select stores in the U.S., U.K. and Japan.

Feel good storys of the week

And even besides big cooperation, there were little stories in the hiphop business world that provide you with a chuckle.

The first one comes courtesy of Lil Baby, who enabled his son to start up a business of his own. And the six-year-old, of course, opted for something extremely childlike. Which is not to say it’s not a good idea. Lil Baby’s son now has his own gaming truck, which goes by the name Jason2You. It provides customers with video games and entertainment to go.

Rihanna is now a national heroine of the recently officially independent state of Barbados. Not only her creativity was honored but also her tireless commitment to her home country.

And last but not least, all of you NFT fans out there can welcome another rap artist a bored. Future is now part of this little club, as he, seemingly excited, shared more than once in the past days.

R.I.P. Virgil Abloh

In addition to all the news, the death of Virgil Abloh shook the entire world this week. Our close-up look at the important link between luxury, business and hip-hop can be found HERE!