About You wins Juju & Mero for capsule collections

Till Hesterbrink


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About you & hiphop

German clothing distributor About You recently released two new capsule collections. Their first collaborations with musicians ever. In keeping with the progressive image of managing director Tarek Müller, About You focuses on rap and bets on two potential top stars who experienced their breakthrough in recent years: Juju and Mero.

Mero was German rap’s 2019 sensation, breaking streaming records with “Baller Los” and “Wolke 10”. Juju released her celebrated album “Bling Bling” the same year, including the radio hit single “Vermissen” with Henning May.

Do Juju and Mero have more in common? Oh yeah, both of them are pretty as hell. Rapper SSIO famously stated that he uses Meros photo to pick up women on dating platforms. Which might just work.

Mero already collaborated with McDonald’s in the past. Juju modeled for the Nike Air Max 2090 campaign. She also has her own merch, including successful tracksuits and a new perfume.

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