ABOUT YOU to launch a Hiphop joint venture called “WhyNot”

Alina Amin


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A new move

German e-commerce giant ABOUT YOU is getting together with Hiphop insiders and Rap artists to create the online shop ‘WhyNot ‘. The shop will carry clothes with a focus on streetwear and personal brands by artists such as RAF Camora, who’s already part of the core team.

Apart from being a shopping platform, ‘WhyNot’ is supposed to show the process behind said brands and deliver exclusive content from the Hiphop scene.

Gen-Z everything

With ‘WhyNot’, ABOUT YOU is aiming to build a platform for Hiphop savvy Gen-Zers. The overall plan is to create THE platform for rappers’ personal brands and to provide guidance for artists. A platform, where they can showcase clothes, give their fans exclusive content and even drop new songs or do events.

“With ‘WhyNot’ we want to become THE Hip-Hop Shop for Gen Z. In addition to artist fashion brands, we also offer fans features such as live shopping, behind-the-scenes insights and of course special drops as well as music releases. In addition, the store also offers access to a highly curated assortment of leading streetwear brands,” promises Julian Jansen, Director Content at ABOUT YOU.

As explained earlier, they already have leading personalities from the scene on their team: In addition to Tarek Müller and Julian Jansen, the rappers Bausa and RAF Camora are also involved, as well as music managers Lucas Teuchner (TwoSides), Ronny Boldt (Ragucci & Boldt Holding), Austin Rosen (Electric Feel), and Wassif Hoteit (Keine Liebe).