About drinks names HafTea the best iced tea of 2021

Alina Amin



Winning season

About Drinks, the German online platform for the beverage industry, names HafTea the best iced tea of 2021. But Haftbefehl isn’t the only rapper that can call an award winning iced tea their own. As the year of the hiphop iced tea came to an end, it was only expected that the drinks of our favorite artists would take some prizes home.

Shirin David (DirTea) and Capital Bra (BraTee) are joining their colleague as 1st and 2nd runner-up.

This is how it goes

The voting was completely reader-based. Users of the online platform able to vote in 27 categories and decide which brands would receive the coveted Beverages Award.

The categories ranged from non-alcoholic beverages to beer, sparkling wine, cider and spirits. Current trends such as hard seltzer and non-alcoholic spirits or spirit alternatives were also taken into account.

After the readers, who come from the beverage industry, trade, gastronomy, hotel business and other sectors, were able to submit their suggestions, they had four weeks to vote for the successful brands.


It’s Haftbefehl’s world

Haftbefehl’s iced tea isn’t the only thing the rapper has going for him. The artist from OFFFM has recently opened his own burger restaurant in Hanover called “Hafti’s”, where he and his team are selling all kinds of burgers, sides and different sandwiches.