they look at hiphop culture

Popular culture determines what’s cool.
Hiphop determines popular culture.
It’s impact diffuses throughout society.

42 % OF GEN Z

identify their style as “street” or “hiphop”, making these the most dominant style tribes among young consumers.

(Source: Study Highsnobiety x BCG)

The layers of hiphop culture

Hiphop goes way beyond rap music. To fully unleash the power of the culture, it is important to understand it’s layers.

In 2020, the impact of hiphop can be found almost everywhere

  • IN GEN Y & GEN Z

THE IMPACT of hiphop


With the “creative rule-breaking” firmly anchored in its DNA, hiphop is regarded as a source of inspiration for many designers and thus shapes the aesthetic understanding of today’s mainstream: Whether it’s sneakers, suitcases, watches or cars – many things that we take for granted, buy or wear have been significantly influenced by hiphop culture.

THE IMPACT of hiphop

in innovation

From the Tupac hologram at the Coachella Festival 2012, to the success of Lil Nas X via Twitter Promo 2019, to the collaboration between Travis Scott and Fortnite in early 2020 with over 12 million viewers: No other culture has used platforms of digital communication as quickly and effectively as hiphop. In this way, the genre and its artists remain relevant in the long term.

THE IMPACT of hiphop

in GEN Y & Z

Hiphop first peaked in Germany at the end of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s – exactly at the time when Gen Y was growing up. Its second and still-enduring peak began in 2015. Gen Z, the generation following Gen Y, continues to be significantly influenced by hiphop. Through them, hiphop’s relevancy is slated to stay strong for at least another decade.

THE IMPACT of hiphop

in language

Hiphop culture shapes popular youth language. While words like “props”, “beef”, “swag”, “drip” and “wavy” have their origin in the United States, plenty of words nominated for German “teen slang word of the year” originate from hiphop culture, too. Examples include “yolo” and “no front” as well as “Babo”, “rasiert”, “Hayvan” or “Läuft bei dir”.

THE IMPACT of hiphop

in music

Rap is the most successful music genre in Germany: 5 of the 5 most streamed artists of 2020 on Spotify were hiphop artists.

In 2019, over 400 songs from the genre were in the Top100 single charts and two thirds of all 20-30 year old Germans stated in a representative survey that they listen to rap regularly.

Overall, more than 19.000.000 people in germany listen to rap music.

THE IMPACT of hiphop

in sports

When Jordan sneakers became the object of desire for upcoming rappers, sneaker culture was born. Shaq recorded a rap album. Jay-Z became part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets. Streetball became hiphop’s “6th element”.

In 2020, the NBA collaborated with Louis Vuitton, whose creative director Virgil Abloh is one of hiphop’s greatest designers.

The same can be found in soccer: In 2011 it was decided to make Paris St. Germain a club for the culture. In 2018 they have joined forces with Air Jordan and sold over 1 million jerseys worldwide.

THE IMPACT of hiphop


Hiphop has a relevant and clear stance: Born out of the tradition of rebelling against racist and repressive conditions, protagonists of hiphop culture have always followed the path of social change. Currently they are at the forefront of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.