Ambition Five Award 2023

In this year’s AMBITION FIVE edition we can expect brands that combine elements of art, high fashion runway to childhood video game nostalgia and futuristic shapes that meet simplicity and utility. Merged into ready to wear street fashion that sets the tone and hits the Zeitgeist where a special occasion is no longer needed to express themselves.

We came out with this award for the very first time last year in 2022 with the intention and the urge to create a space for the voices of our culture and their creations to be seen and acknowledged – not only in street fashion but also for a generation and their very special ability to see things differently than we used to and break with conventions.

Thank you for your interest in the AMBITION FIVE 2023 and the awarding of young and rising fashion brands of a whole new generation in street fashion and hiphop culture.

We hope you enjoy the whitepaper and we are looking forward to get back in touch to dive-deeper into the world of street fashion and hiphop.